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Mussels Potatoes and beef - safe & tasty choices

Knowledge Transfer from Research Delivers Safe and Tasty Foods to Irish & European Consumers boosting home-grown consumer satisfaction, says CommNet at ESOF2012.

CommNet, the EC funded support action project, presents case studies at ESOF from Ireland’s world-class food research & implementation programmes & suggests a link to Ireland’s ranking in the OECD’s Better Living index. Visit CommNet’s Stand No 51 to find out more &  attend CommNet’s presentation by Rhonda Smith in Exhibition Hall Thurs 12 & Sat 14 July 10.30am. 

Rhonda Smith, Chair of CommNet, said at ESOF 2012 today (Thursday 12 July):

“With land and sea resources at its disposal, Ireland has combined these natural USPs with enterprise and investment to create renowned teams and institutes that deliver research-led techniques and processes for the production of safe, tasty and varied foods for consumption at home and abroad.
Communicating the knowledge generated by research so it can be applied by farmers, producers and retailers and understood by consumers is the most important final activity in the research chain.
Ireland demonstrates commitment to ensuring that final link in the chain clicks into place.” 

The CommNet presentation at ESOF provides three examples of Irish research investment and expertise in food production, effectively communicated in words and pictures that interest the public, industry & professionals alike, creating impact & understanding.

Safe production and harvesting of Mussels, development of disease-resistant Potato varieties and safe handling of Beef products are covered in the presentation. (See Note below)

Rhonda Smith continues: “Ireland ranks highly in the OECD’s Better Life Index compared with many EC countries with long life expectancy, life satisfaction, good work-life balance, safety & good health important positive factors. Investment in human capital in science & research and a focus on Ireland’s USPs of aquaculture and agri-business will no doubt continue to support Ireland’s sense of well-being.”
CommNet Coordinator Mario Martinoli concludes: “CommNet’s mission is to help EC funded projects improve significantly the information flow from research to key target groups, the users and consumers of research results. Better awareness, understanding and utilization of research results will inevitably lead to the generation of innovative and sustainable products and policies that will improve our daily lives no matter where we live.”       

CommNet is exhibiting at ESOF2012 (11-15 July 2012, Dublin to promote membership of CommNet and its support services to the Bio economy research community. Currently around 100 projects have joined CommNet.

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