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Hurdles and solutions for the use of CO2 as a feedstock for industrial biotechnology (IB) in Europe - BIO-TIC WORKSHOP

24 September 2014 | Lyon, France - What developments are required to realise the full market potential of CO2 as a feedstock?

24 September 2014 | Lyon, France - What developments are required to realise the full market potential of CO2 as a feedstock?

CO2 holds great potential as a feedstock for chemicals production using IB processes because CO2 is available in abundance and is not a feedstock which competes with the food chain. However, challenges persist, especially because the carbon dioxide needs to be captured and purified before it is utilized in IB processes. This contributes to increasing the process costs, but also the logistical challenges for CO2 transport and distribution. As a consequence, the use of CO2 for IB is still in its infancy. What developments are subsequently required to realise the full market potential of CO2 as a feedstock for IB?

Join the discussion during the BIO-TIC CO2 workshop for IB on 24th September 2014 in Lyon!

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BIO-TIC is an FP7 funded project aiming to identify the hurdles to industrial biotechnology (IB) and develop solutions to overcome them in order to unlock the potential of this key enabling technology (KET) in Europe. The project more specifically focuses on five product categories which have been identified to have significant potential for enhancing European economic competitiveness and introducing cross-cutting technology ideas. The final BIO-TIC blueprint document will encompass market, R&D and non-technological aspects of IB and will feed into the EU research and innovation agenda. Do not miss out on the chance to have your say!

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