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CommNet for Education: Veg-i-Trade in action - Third eSeminar

CommNet for Education: Veg-i-Trade in action - Third eSeminar

Thursday 13 February 2014, 13:00CET/12:00UK - Learn how Veg-i-Trade improves the control of food safety risks of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Fresh produce (e.g. leafy vegetables, tomatoes, soft red fruits, …) are an important part of the healthy diet and its consumption is expected to increase in the coming years. However due to recent disease out-breaks and alerts attributed to fresh produce and derived food products, international, European and national concerns have begun to emerge with regard to food safety.

The webinar introduces participants to the world of microbial bugs and other hazards and how to deal with them.

Students aged 14-16 years and their teachers are invited to join the third CommNet Education eSeminar to discover Veg-i-Trade’s response to this.

The eSeminar is open to everyone, but will be of particular interest to students aged 14 – 16 years and their teachers.



The eSeminar has ended: thanks to all the participants! You can watch the recording at this link.

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