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CommNet for Education: PROteINSECT - Thirteenth eSeminar

CommNet for Education: PROteINSECT - Thirteenth eSeminar

Wednesday 17 December 2014, 14:00 CET/13:00UK - Learn more about animals nutrition, with the PROteINSECT’s research eSeminar

Food security is a global challenge. As overall demand for food, particularly meat, increases there is an urgent need to increase supply of protein from sustainable sources. Insects, especially flies, have the potential to help meet this demand.

As fly larvae are a natural component of the diet of fish, chicken and pig, PROteINSECT is focusing on rearing two species of fly and conducting feeding trials with these animals. PROteINSECT’s research will evaluate the quality and safety of the larvae produced for incorporation into animal feed, as well as the taste and texture of the meat produced. 

Join us on Wednesday to find out more!

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