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CommNet for Education: BIOPROM - Ninth eSeminar

CommNet for Education: BIOPROM - Ninth eSeminar

Wednesday 8 October 13:30CET/12:30UK - Bioeconomy & BIOPROM – the dark horse in the race to save the world?

In a decade full of unusual weather patterns, and scary climate change reports, it’s hard to keep hold of the fact that science can still be the answer. One dark horse in the race to save the world is known as the bioeconomy, come find out how European researchers are using it to help save the planet as part of the EU funded project BIOPROM.

Students aged 14-16 years and their teachers are invited to join Amy Hayward, University of Aberdeen for this CommNet Education eSeminar to discover through BIOPROM how the bioeconomy might not be the silver bullet to all of our issues but is the way forward into a future full of innovation and food security.

In addition, the session will provide students with insights into career opportunities in scientific and technological research in Europe.


The eSeminar has ended. Thanks to all the participants to the live session. In case you wish to watch the eSeminar recording, follow this link.

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