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How to win


Representatives from the winning schools (a teacher, a student representative and a parent or carer) will be invited to share their case study at the FAB Education Awards ceremony, to be held at ESOF 21-26 June 2014.

The four Award winners will receive €400 for their School Science Department or club to further support exciting science activities within the school.


Steps to success

Judges will be looking for:

  • demonstration of a clear understanding of the science/area of interest;
  • the application of this information in their case study;
  • demonstrating what the information presented means to the entrants in their country;
  • engagement with the local community.


Examples of case study ideas:

  • Illustrate a local farming or fishing method used in your country i.e. a day in life of a fisherman/farmer;
  • Show how external factors such as lack of resources can affect food safety  e.g. refrigeration;
  • Hold a debate on technology and future food;
  • Investigate how genetic modified organisms (GMOs) could change our food supply;
  • Illustrate an understanding of how geography and climate impact on the availability of food and/or drink in your country.

The FAB Education Awards are a CommNet initiative.
CommNet is a network managed by the KBBE project CommFABnet – Communication of Food, Fisheries, Agriculture and Biotechnologies research, a network to support EU-funded research projects (grant agreement no:289699) 


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